Instagram vs Twitter?

Hey there, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  While the new year 2018 is just right around the corner, do you have a new plan for yourself?  What are you passionate about?


Honestly, I’m a lazy person and while many of my friends have already got thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, I’m working like a beginner.  So for 2018, I decided to do something bigger and more, (again, it depends on how much money is in my pocket, haha…). Which social media platform should I focus on first?  Instagram or Twitter?  Can you help me make a choice assuming I can only spend on either one of them?

I have just done a simple google search and found this valuable blog post from Boostlikes – with exactly the same title Instagram vs Twitter:  Which Follower is more Valuable

Thank God for sending me this research.

I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with using Twitter and I’m kind of fed up when I receive many tweets from other people when I don’t find them relevant to me at all.  For Instagram, I love to see all the beautiful photos but find it so difficult when I need to look for the relevant hashtags to go with mine (even when I did it, I forgot the exact hashtags there and can’t even locate the post when I try to, very frustrated.)

Regardless, I’m excited to welcome a new year full of fresh opportunities and changes. If you have the same experience like I do and want to explore further between Instagram vs Twitter, do have a look at this post from Boostlikes.

Last but not least, guess which platform I would go for as a start?


Happy New Year and STAY TUNED!

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