The Most Meaningful Mother’s Day I have ever had…

Tell me the truth: What really, truly makes your Mother’s Day special?

I chose to do something meaningful, and I did it!    I collaborated with a number of merchants to showcase our beautiful flower arrangement, to hand make the flower gifts, and to organize a series of flower workshop, all for a good cause!  We put big and happy smiles on every face of the people we engage!

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So some of my friends asked, “What do you do now, Jane?”  Well, a quote from St. Teresa of Calcutta popped to my head:  “Do small things with great love.”  I want to do something more meaningful.   And that’s why I set up my  Ave Maria Garden which advocates for social responsibility through creative flower arrangement. By collaborating with different community service groups and general public, we provide workshops to those disadvantaged groups and the distressed, including people with chronic stress, with early psychosis, single parent families and those living on social welcome subsidy. Through the flower design, they can regain their lost self- confidence, as well as establish a sense of importance in life. With the mission of community care, we will also deliver our design flower to different old age homes, seniors and specially needed people with an aim to proclaim the happiness of Faith, Hope and Love.

Ave Maria Garden wanted a better and peaceful world, so we endeavor to create more community work opportunities, and spend a lot of time making beautiful arrangements to put big and happy smiles on every face of the people we engage.

At Ave Maria Garden, work are always respected and people are loved.


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